Hello friends, the weather are too cool and enjoyable. But we have to take care of our skin in this monsoon, so today I found some monsoon skin care  routine. And if you will follow these steps for sure you will be safe and your skin will glow with the monsoon season.

monsoon skincare

So, Here I will tell you, with natural products how you can care for your skin. This remedy is applicable for both combination – dry and oily skin tone. Lets start  monsoon skin care routine:


 Ingredients required for cleansing
1. Lemon- squeeze it.
2. Raw Milk- 1 tbsp.
Now, mix both the mixture, and apply throughout the face.
Cleansing removes the dirt and gives you a clean texture on your face.
This step should be followed daily then wash the face with normal water.


Ingredients required for cleansing

FOR OILY SKIN – 1. Take half tomato.

                              2. Coffee- 1 tbsp.
Put coffee powder into tomato and scrub gently for 1 min, it helps us to lighten our skin tone and removes pore present on the face.
FOR DRY SKIN– 1. Almonds- 4-5 and crush it properly.
                            2. Olive oil or coconut oil- 1 tbsp.
monsooon skincare
Mix the ingredients properly and apply onto the face, this helps us to moisturize and brighten our skin.
Apply 2 -3 times in your skin with monsoon skin care.


Ingredients required for toner
FOR OILY SKIN-  1. Some mint leaves
                              2. Water- 1 glass
monsoon skin care
First boil 1 glass of water in a bowl for 5 min, then add 4-5 pudina leaves into it, again  boil the ingredients for 10 min. Gather pudina extract from water after filtering it. Let it gets cool and store in a spray bottle. You can even store this mixture in refrigerator for a month.
FOR DRY SKIN: 1. Half lemon -squeeze it
                            2. Rose water- 3 tbsp
                            3. Glycerin- 1 tbsp
Mix it well and store it in scrub bottle.
Now, spray the toner on your face and let it get dry.


Ingredients required for the face pack
1. Sandalwood powder-1 tbsp
2. Curd-2 tbsp
3. Aloe Vera gel- 1 tbsp.
4. Raw milk-1 tbsp (only for dry skin)
Apply on the face and wait for 10 min, and then wash it with cool water. It helps us to remove pimples and brighten our skin, gives a healthy skin and removes dark spots.
This pack is applicable for all season, so you can apply it anytime not only in the monsoon.


Here are certain natural tips to care your skin in monsoon and you can all add this tip to your monsoon skin care routine.
1. Drink 8-10 glass of water in a day due to this your skin looks hydrated, energetic, glowing and moisturized. Even you will not get pimples and pigmentation problem.
2.use boil water for your face wash.
3. Eat lots of green vegetables And Fruits.
4. Go for yoga and meditation for fitness.
5. During monsoon season – oily skin tone peoples get, the oiliest skin. So go for face-wash 3-4 times in a day.
6. Sunscreen is important to apply in exposed areas of your skin. To maintain the same humidity.
So, friends thanks for reading this information -monsoon skin care routine. I hope it will be helpful for you. And if you liked it, please share and subscribe to my blog, leave comments. For any queries directly email me. Stay safe and enjoy monsoon.

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