Hey Guys, I am back with a new year plan for healthy and beautiful life. so, New year is here and everyone of you might be thinking about the new year resolution for your life growth. and Today i bought for you a special plan to keep yourself Healthy and beautiful . Because health is wealth and beauty inbuilt confidence in you.                                                                                        New year plan for healthy and beautiful life

New year plan for healthy and beautiful life


Get up early in the morning, 5:00 am though its very hard to wake up in winter season but still for your fitness its necessary . start up with freshen up and go for

  1. Meditation-it helps to our mind, heart and our body to gain energy, motivated and refreshed throughout the day, also releases the pain , anxiety and stress .

2. Yoga -improves mental stress and muscle strength to build up in you.

3.Exercise -gives you flexibility, good posture, fitness and increases the                 metabolism strength and so on.

These are mutually connected to each other, for your health and beauty.

4. Take green tea -it boosts your morning successfully.

In Breakfast you can take rich protein Diet like  dry fruits , Dates, egg and milk along with your food which gives a proper direction to your health growth.


In Afternoon , you can go through foods like Roti, Daal, Sabzi and Rice  along with a salad . for vegetarians , they can take Paneer and some soya chunks to your diet for good health and beauty. Non-vegetarians can add chicken, egg, fish or mutton in their diet twice a week.

These diet plan for surely will help you to maintain your Health and beauty.


Take some snack with a coffee or tea which refreshes your mood and get back to the work. even just take a break and walk-off for 15 mins which boosts your body and releases the toxin from your body.


Finish your Dinner before 9:00 pm . In Dinner you add Roti or Chapati with vegetables in your diet  routine  with limited requirement according to your body and a glass of milk before the bed which gives a peace , stress free mind and also helps in digestion.

And Drink water in each hour to maintain proper glucose in the body and water helps to keep hydrated and active full day, releases bad cells from your body.

So, please follow this new year plan for healthy and beautiful life. I am sure , it will help you to keep healthy throughout the year. if you liked it please , share the information to your friends and others.



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